Fall 2020 - Skills Camp - Dates Announced

UpdatedTuesday October 13, 2020 byRonny Delgado.

West Pines is excited to get the kids from our Rec program back out on the field for this 2020 Fall Camp.  Alex Othon will be coordinating the sessions with his group of Professional Baseball Trainers. This is not like a regular-season where parents handle coaching duties. The only time a parent will be on the field with the kids is at the request of a Trainer. 

Here are the details for the upcoming sessions:

  1. The Camp will run for 6 weeks starting on Monday, October 19th. The kids will skip the week of November 23-27 due to Thanksgiving, and then the Final Week will be November 30th through December 4th. 
  2. All Sessions will be held on Field #5 and #8.
  3. This week, the kids will be assigned to groups and assigned to Fields. The assignments will be random as there are no official games, only scrimmages as the program moves forward.
  4. Social distancing guidelines must be followed by all parents. Please read below for the details. We really need your help in this one. If the city comes by and sees parents gathering on the bleachers or under the huts, we will be shut down. They come around very often and take pictures to make sure this is not happening. Please read them and familiarize yourself with them. You can also find them on our website.
  5. The schedule will be as follows:
  • Mondays from 6-7pm will be for the 6U Division
  • Mondays from 7-8pm will be for the 8U Division
  • Wednesdays from 6-8pm will be for the 10U and 12U Divisions
  • Fridays from 6-7pm will be for the 6U Division
  • Fridays from 7-8pm will be for the 8U Division

We are extremely excited to get our Rec Kids back out onto the field while keeping everyone safe. We hope to keep the progress going so we can have a successful Spring campaign and the kids can get back to doing what they love.