Spring 2020 - Season Official Cancelled


Good afternoon parents,


We hope that everyone and their families are safe and healthy. This has been an experience that we think we will all remember for years to come. We hope that everyone of our families can look back at it and see it as a time of learning and coming together. It’s in these times, when it’s a humanity problem and not just our problem, that it becomes essential for all of us to unite and work closely towards a common solve. It’s with a sad heart that today we announce the official cancellation of our Spring 2020 season. Although the facilities are not being made available to us, the biggest driving force for this decision was the well being of everyone in our program. This is a major sacrifice for our kids and for those parents who love watching their children play the game of baseball. This is us doing our part to make sure that we’re doing what we can to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.


We wanted to make sure you know that we considered many different solutions as to how to handle this situation. We wrestled with the idea of pushing the season back, not advancing age groups, and bringing back the same teams next season among other options. In the end, there was no continuation solution that would be fair across the board for everyone. There are many complications to consider including age groups, returning players, and uniforms. After much deliberation, we realized that the best way forward is to start a new for the upcoming season. Starting this week, we will begin issuing refunds to every registered family. Although we wish we could give you back 100% of your money, because we paid for uniforms, this is an impossibility for us. However, we have decided to assume over 50% of the cost of the uniforms in order to give you back as much money as possible. Please remember that the older kid’s uniform prices are higher than the lower divisions. Here’s how it all breaks down:

4U Division - $90 refund out of the original $110 registration fee.

6U Division - $100 refund out of the original $130 registration fee.

8U and above - $125 refund out of the original $160 registration fee.

Other things to consider regarding what you will be refunded:

  • $100 Out of city impact fee - This will be refunded in full to anyone that paid it.
  • $10 On line processing fee - This will not be refunded as those fees go directly to the processing vendor.
  • Background Checks:  This is a transaction between you and the city. WPPO did not receive any funds for this and never has. Your background will be good for two years. This will not be refunded.
  • Names on back of uniforms: These will not be refunded as they have been paid to the vendor and everyone will get to keep their uniform at less than 50% the cost.

We hope that this pandemic becomes a thing of the past as soon as possible so that our kids can get back out on the field. In the meantime, you can rest assured that as soon as we hear from the city that the park can be used for organized or individual activities, we will let you know so you can bring the kids out to practice. We wish you all the best and we hope that everyone stays safe!